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Helping you understand who your audience is, where they are and how to connect with them in the right way.

Our mission is to help you in the hunt for ‘meaningful’ candidate applications and to make sure that your end to end resourcing process and your people are good enough to get them over the line and to fill your vacancies!


The candidate market has changed. The way people search for jobs has changed. But still employers do the same things to try and attract talent and wonder why they are not progressing.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Do you struggle to attract enough of the right people to fill your vacancies and achieve your goals - of course you do, everyone does so what are you going to do about it?

Quality advice is not readily available. Media buyers, job boards and suppliers are rubbing their hands together knowing that recruitment is desperate and so resourcing/talent department leaders are stuck between doing what they are being asked to do (ticking boxes and spending) and doing what they know is right (researched based integrated recruitment marketing campaigns).

Budgets are inflated, cost per application has become the new thing and predictive outcomes have simply disappeared but it doesn’t have to be like this. (ever thought about and actually worked out; cost per ‘meaningful’ application?, cost per interview?, cost per offer?)


Work is changing; where people work, how people work and their attitudes towards work. Wellbeing, team building, support structure and skilling up your teams has never been more important and a focus in these areas also helps to retain staff and improve culture.

Candidates want to know what it feels like to work at a company before they join, “what’s in it for me” but how do you get this across, it’s more than just a job board advert, you need to bring to life what it is you do, why someone should join you and then prove it.

The candidate/job market is changing but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend more, it just means you need to be more creative and create content that is on point – best way to do this – ask your best people, they will tell you!
Audience Link wants to work with your staff, understand why they work for you, why they stay, then bring this to life in a way that will engage your audience in the right way.

The final piece of the puzzle is how to motivate your own teams and have them feel part of the overall vision to feel valued and therefore improve performance.


Our mission is to help you in the hunt for meaningful candidate applications and to make sure you get them over the line and to fill your vacancies.

We do this by:

  • 12 months data – analysis of volatile candidate market, identify trends & predict outcomes/challenges
  • Integrated recruitment marketing strategy: Job boards, sourcing, social, employee referral, ARO  Days, content, career site, SEO strategy
  • Teams, resource, people – current delivery, potential capacity, benchmark
  • EVP/Employer brand (refresh & validation) 
  • KPI’s & objectives for recruitment and onboarding
  • Key sites, job families & priorities
  • Obvious blockers
  • Short term / immediate recommendations & solutions
  • Long term recommendations & solutions
  • Project plan / timeline & visual explainer
  • Individual site recruitment plans (milestones & evaluation)
  • Documented end to end resourcing process (tested)
  • Roll out & training
  • Evaluation
  • Application Tracking Systems
  • CRM
  • Talent Pool
  • Vision
  • Goals
  • KPI’s
  • End to end resourcing process
  • Meet the team
  • SLA’s (internal, business & external, candidate)
  • Roles & accountabilities of team
  • Resourcing capability
  • Visual Explainer & Senior Leadership Team brief
  • EVP Framework  
  • Asset design 
  • Employer Brand Guidelines
  • Company review management
  • Content research and planning
  • Content Creation
    • Video
    • Podcast
    • Day in a Life
    • Image Library
  • Content Scheduling and Publishing
  • Analysis and Strategy Revision
  • Social media & Google
    • Always on employer branding
    • Quarterly ‘focus’ campaigns
    • Ad hoc campaigns
  • Recruitment Marketing
    • Media planning & buying
    • Performance marketing & programmatic job advertising
    • Outdoor
    • ARO Days (Assessment/Open/Recruitment Days)
  • Sourcing Solutions
    • CV Database Sourcing
    • Candidate Screening & pre-employment checks
    • Interview ready candidate delivery
    • Managed campaigns & guaranteed offers

Latest trends, candidate behaviour and market development

  • Group sessions
  • Train the trainer
  • Online training / personal development modules
  • Mystery shop
  • Ad audit
  • Candidate ‘temperature test’
  • Candidate touch points
  • Hiring manager guide and workshop
  • Welcome pack comms
  • Career site
  • Microsite
  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • Staff Stories Portal
  • Staff Survey
  • Employee polls
  • Exit interviews
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